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Freelance seo expert greece

May20 – Present

Currently responsible for the seo of over 15 medium to small Greek businesses and e-shops, also collaborating with 3 digital agencies in order to provide white label services. Advising on content, tech seo, and building a strong link profile for all clients, which results in obtaining 1st page rankings for very competitive terms.

Seo expert at Iq – Greece

Jan 17 – May 20

Responsible for the overall strategy in terms of seo for company’s 10 websites, that includes but is not limited to: Managing a team of copywriters in terms of setting content marketing strategy, email marketing strategy setting lead magnets and high interest content. Increasing website traffic by securing high rankings for competitive dermatologic terms. Finding and evaluating potential link partners and securing link acquisitions, taking into account their seo metrics and website traffic, using popular seo tools like moz, semrush, ahrefs and majestic. Onpage seo optimization which includes: Advising on website architecture and anchor text distribution for both internal and incoming links, identifying metadata issues with the help of diagnostic tools like screaming frog. Technical seo which includes audits and recommendations for:

  • proper ssl implementation identifying mixed content issues or http links on https pages, support of HSTS , sitemap errors
  • crawlability audits identifying temporary and permanent redirects, duplicate content, 4xx or 5xx errors , page loading speed optimisation, redirect chains
  • performance issues like uncompressed or uncached or unminified javascript and css
  • internal linking issues like broken internal or external links, broken images, orphaned sitemap pages

Managing developers to perform the above technical seo tasks Researching competitors in terms of their link profile, link strength ,website traffic and proposing for replication their most successful tactics. Identifying keyword opportunities by researching competition and by conducting advanced keyword research with the use of keyword research software LongTailPro

Seo expert at – Greece

Feb 18 – Jul 18

Handling the seo accounts of the digital marketing agency, boosting search engine rankings for existing clients. Performing market research in terms of competitor research and keyword research for prospects in order to submit proposals to new clients. FInding and acquiring existing expired domains of high seo value.

Seo Specialist at USA

Jun 17 – Nov 17

Applying advanced search engine optimization techniques in order to increase rankings in company’s all 3300 ranking keywords. Monitoring competition and finding high converting keywords to use in the seo campaigns. Scraping e-mail addresses in order to generate targeted e-mail lists for use in the company’s e-mail campaigns.

Seo specialist at Angel Capital ventures – Greece

Jan 15 – Jun 17

Responsible for the campaign of Alcatel Greece. Initialisation of Google adwords campaign of Alcatel. Initialisation of Youtube Campaign of Alcatel. User Engagement in facebook, Google plus , twitter for Alcatel. Seo campaign and onpage optimisation for and both websites with over 600.000 monthly visitors and 500.000 urls. Google adwords campaign and seo campaign for Google adwords campaign and remarketing campaign as well as seo campaign for Google seo and adwords campaign for

Seo Expert at Steficon S.A – Greece

Jan 14 – Apr 17

Responsible for the overall marketing strategy in terms of Seo for Superfast Ferries. Enhancing their presence in the web for popular keyword searches in English, German, Italian and French keywords. Conducting all web market research and proposing new keywords to optimise and to add in their adwords account. Responsible for the Seo internet marketing strategy of the insurance company Metlife (formerly known as Metlife Alico). Ensuring that all redirect processes run smoothly. Optimising their key keyword phrases in order to enhance their web reputation and presence in the top search results. Responsible for Seo of Enhancing the company’s effort to enter markets of Australia and United states by ranking the company for popular searches for feta cheese in those countries. Responsible for the seo optimization of e-magazine securing 180.000 new monthly visitors in the course of 5 months. Conducting Onpage seminars in order to train Steficon developers along with the latest trends on Onpage Seo optimisation and providing the resources to them in order to keep them in synch and help them improve and solve any onpage optimisation issues that arise.

Seo Specialist at Global Seo – WeAreSalt Magazine – UK

Apr 14 – Apr 16

Handling overall marketing strategy in terms of Seo of the online magazine, building web reputation from start, driving GlobalCeo magazine into top results for very competitive search terms and driving traffic to the website in order to secure viewers and produce advertising. Also optimising key articles of the magazine in order for them to appear in the top results for relative searches.

Financial Products Sales at Interamerican

Sep 14 – Sep 15

Chief Executive Assistance at Vernicos Aviation

Sep 02 – Sep 04


Msc in Finance and Financial Services in Bournemouth University – UK

BA in Business Administration in Bournemouth Unoversity – UK


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